My iPhone development story

Having worked on developing an iphone app for the past month or so, I thought it worth sharing some of my story …. so I’ll be posting here a number of tips to try to save developers some of the hassle I went through getting all the basic things working for my first iphone game Fuzzle and subsequent games. Plus you might be hearing a little about our rollercoaster ride in the crazy world of the appstore as we try to generate sales+visibility for our apps within Apple’s system.


One Response to “My iPhone development story”

  1. ilya katulin Says:

    Hello, all the people at CandyCaneApps!

    First of all, congratulations on VERY well done puzzler, the Fuzzle game! You did exquisite and neat app, one of my favorite. Your artwork and design are superb! Not to mention the game mechanics and bonus Fuzzle pieces. Thank you!

    Please, continue the blog, and (if possible) put a few articles about yourself (may be your team, if any). That would be interesting I think. People should know their heroes! 🙂

    May be some posts about upcoming patches/features would also be great to see in here.

    Keep up with great work, and good luck!

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