Fuzzle Lite released!

Today Fuzzle Lite was released, allowing users to discover how great Fuzzle is before they buy 🙂

Along with the Fuzzle Lite release, Fuzzle was updated, in response to all the user feedback we’ve been getting. In additional to some stability fixes, it contains more difficulty levels (with the default easy level being easier, and a new medium difficulty level being similar in difficulty to the old easy level) to satisfy a broader range of users. It also contains a ‘clockless’ mode for users looking for a more relaxed, thoughtful game. And an alternate input mode for users prefering to tap twice rather than drag-drop to move stones.

A further update is also underway – it contains support for three undos per game. This should help some users who make occassional mistakes moving. Plus it allows you to try your luck again when that ball comes in exactly the position you didn’t want it!

Also, we aim to have global high score support in this next update, although we are still testing to ensure everything is working perfectly before releasing this feature.

There also seems to have been some confusion among some users with Fuzzle having been free for a short period and then Fuzzle Lite coming out free – we had a promotional campaign whereby we gave Fuzzle away for free for a short period of time. This generated a lot of good publicity for us, and meant some lucky users got the full game for free. Now we have Fuzzle Lite as the free version for users to try, so have no more need for such promotions, so Fuzzle will remain at it standard price $1.99.

I’ll write a blog later going into detail about how we switched from free->paid and how this worked with the AppStore’s rating system 🙂


5 Responses to “Fuzzle Lite released!”

  1. SubZero Says:

    Some of the in game sounds appear to be identical to the ones used in the Trism iPhone game. Why is that?

  2. Love Fuzzle Says:

    Hey this game is really fun. Glad to have bought it. The only thing is, all of a sudden (within the last couple days) it says I can’t submit my scores online??? what’s up?

  3. candycaneapps Says:

    Hi, there were some problems with the score submission server a few days back due to the unexpectedly huge number of people playing and submitting scores … but they should have been brief … do you still have this problem?

    Also, if you go back into the high-scores menu after a failed submission, it should give you the possibility to re-submit the score – does this help?

  4. candycaneapps Says:

    SubZero – regarding the sounds – we got the sounds for Fuzzle from http://www.soundsnap.com. It appears that Trism may have used the same site, and happens to have one or two sounds in common.

    We may want to change the sounds one day anyway, as we didn’t put as much time into them as into other parts of the game (graphics, gameplay etc) yet – what do you think of the sounds in general, do you like them?

  5. Random T. Says:

    Hey, nice tips. Perhaps I’ll buy a glass of beer to the person from that chat who told me to visit your site 🙂

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