Top 50-selling app for over a week now!

Over the past week Fuzzle has sat between the 30-40th position in all apps on the appstore (in the US)! It seems that a combination of a number of things have contributed to this success:

Firstly, a number of positive reviews on some major websites seem to have boosted Fuzzle, such as these:

Secondly, we dropped the price from $2 to $1, and this really seemed to boost sales (more than making up for the fact that we get half as much from each sale). We are now considering keeping the price at $1 forever.

Thirdly, we did some improvements to Fuzzle Lite, and this helped it to rise in position among the free apps, and it appears that many of the buyers of Fuzzle are people who tried Fuzzle Lite and liked it enough to part with 99c to buy Fuzzle.


2 Responses to “Top 50-selling app for over a week now!”

  1. Kevin Says:

    I bought it because it was on sale and love it. Fav game so far!

  2. Leonardo Says:

    I often thought some of the reviews of these apps were written by the developers themselves. I do read them and scan ALL of the one s available and then see if it averages out to a decent review. I have to admit I’m suckered into an app/game also based on its graphics.
    I do appreciate candycane taking the time to write the above story on how an application succeeds or not. Thanks

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