Fuzzle 1.4 live!

A major update of Fuzzle went live today!

It features new difficulty levels – kiddy (super-easy) and insane (super-hard), and also new game modes, notably a ‘see the future mode’ in which players can see the locations of upcoming balls. This allows for a more strategic game, which we hope some players will really appreciate, and are looking forward to hearing feedback.

It also allows users to now see the top 1000 scores in any high-score list (by scrolling down), rather than just the top 10 (as lately the top 10 lists are becoming extremely hard to break into – there are some crazy scores out there). In a future version we also plan to allow for top scorers to upload their games when submitting their high-scores, thus allowing for other users to view their strategy and allow doubters to see with their own eyes how its done.

The update also has many more minor changes – the settings menu is reworked to be clearer, with more information available to explain the various options, as well as more hints to new users to avoid some common misunderstandings. We are continuing to work on improving the game, and welcome any user suggestions+feedback so we can keep making Fuzzle better.


4 Responses to “Fuzzle 1.4 live!”

  1. Kevin Says:

    Wow! Thank you for continuing to support this game. One of the best I’ve downloaded to date. Can’t wait to try out the new features.

  2. desi Says:

    I just found the kiddy level, but I think I need a baby level. I love the game but I’m not very good at it.

  3. Joe Says:

    Fuzzle is well done, nice job! I am curious as to the soothing background melody, it sounds familiar but I can’t place it.

  4. desi Says:

    oh wow! I just checked my settings for the first time in forever and saw a baby level!!! is that because my comment? thanks!! you are awesome.

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