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Fling! released in AppStore

August 17, 2009

Its been a while since we’ve blogged here, but this was because we were working hard on our follow-up puzzle-game to Fuzzle, which is now finally approved+available in the AppStore! (click here to view it in the AppStore)

If you liked Fuzzle, we strongly encourage you to check out Fling! Containing 10,000’s of unique puzzles, its guaranteed to give many hours of enjoyment.

So far its been getting overwhelmingly positive reviews (with a 5-star average in the AppStore so far!). Like with Fuzzle, we plan to keep improving it continually, so are looking for any suggestions/feedback about what users would like us to do next. And we encourage everyone to review / tweet / share it so that everyone can experience this unique puzzle game.

Enjoy 🙂