Fling! released on Android

After a couple of years, over a million sales and over 10 million downloads for iphone, we’re finally venturing into Android waters with a port of Fling! for Android.

And to mark this occasion we thought it might be time to resurrect this blog, and with some future posts we’ll describe how life as an independent iphone games developer has panned out, from the initial rollercoaster ride at the top of the AppStore throuhg to today, and compare how things on Android go with the Apple AppStore ….

But for now, its enough to mention that we’re mighty proud of our Android port – we’ve worked hard to made it work on all the various Android devices as close as possible as the iPhone version. It comes with all the latest additions we made to the iPhone version – the extra levels, the new themes, the support for 6 different languages, the new Frenzy game-mode, etc. And Android users can even post their scores+progress to the same leaderboards that the iPhone users are using.

So to all the Fling! users who’ve been waiting for a version for their Android phones, or have Android friends who were waiting, grab it now and help Fling! become as a big a success on Android as it has been for the iPhone – https://market.android.com/details?id=com.mbgames.fling


2 Responses to “Fling! released on Android”

  1. Woo Says:

    Have you ever considered making Fling tablet-useable? The upscaling on iPad and Android looks horrible.. so either an universal app or a separate HD version of Fling would totally rock!

    • candycaneapps Says:

      We do plan to add HD graphics, possibly in Fling 1 or waiting until Fling 2 which we’re already working on. Generally most find the iPad version totally _useable_, sure it would look a little nicer with higher res graphics, but its still the same fun game+graphics :).

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