Candycane Apps is an iPhone software development company, with currently one game released and more under development.

4 Responses to “About”

  1. hubert from belgium Says:

    Congrats on your game development! lämpimiä terveisiä erittäin mukava tyttö!

  2. Diana Says:

    I have been playing Fuzzle regular in easy mode for a while. Recently, I’ve noticed that sometimes when I get five in a row a large number of new balls appear all at once, more then used to. This also happens sometimes when I use a bomb. I haven’t changed from Easy to Medium or Hard mode but the game seems to have gotten a bit harder. Have you changed something?

  3. candycaneapps Says:

    Hi Diana – sounds like you’re either in Medium/Hard mode, or you’re in the clockfree/timeless mode …. you’re definitely not in the default easy mode. so that could explain why the game appears harder to you?

    But actually what you refer to – a large number of new balls that appears all at once right when you get five in a row – will be ‘fixed’ with the next update. Some modes (hard, clockfree/timeless) give you extra balls when you go up a level. This will still happen with the next update, however they will be queued first so they won’t come as such a shock. And in the default, easy, mode, you should in any case never be getting any extra balls on level-up and never upon making a row, only when you don’t make a row. Hope that helps clarify things for you 🙂

  4. Brad Says:

    I am king of the world! Number one in the universe of Fuzzle 1374 in Insane mode!!! Surely this is a good sign for 2010!
    Isn’t there a cash prize involved at this point?!? Love you guys at Candy Cane apps. By the way, Fuzzle is getting me through the recession!!!

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